Saturday, March 28, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, the youngest granddaughter got a second hand house...much like hand-me-down clothes perhaps? When it was time to build her special house we decided to do a house that was built to look like the house the family had lived in for quite a few years. I don't remember who decided to build the dollhouse as a replica of their real house, but that is what we did and we were all happy with the result.....although the brickwork was not all as perfect as it should have been. The family no longer lives in that house so the dollhouse keeps up the old memories of the years they lived there. There is also a picture of Hannah the cat who must check out all mini projects to see that they meet her high standards. The dollhouse rooms are not the same as the real house, but what we were striving for was a house that looked like the real one and I think we succeeded.

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