Saturday, March 14, 2009


I love all things English; French, too having lived in France for two years. However, once we began travelling in Enland, I fell in love with the way the English have preserved their history and wish we could travel every year as there is so much to see in that beautiful countryside. The study of English history is one of my hobbies, if one can call that a hobby, but it is truly amazing to tour a castle that has been inhabited by the same family for more than 900 years. Some time ago I fell in love with the Greenleaf cottage called "The Glencroft" because it is a Tudor style cottage. The mystery is that I did not decorate it in Elizabethan style. but perhaps it will one day get a redo and be that Tudor cottage that I so admire. My Glencroft has its own story: It is occupied by a Widowed Grandmother who has her cats for company and an occasional visit from her grandchildren. She tends her garden and lives the simple life in her small cottage.

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