Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have written about my first dollhouse which I found in a miniature shop in New Jersey. It seemed to have a farmhouse look about it, but when I was trying to decide how to decorate the interior, I went with Victorian....that period that so fascinates many miniaturists. I did quite a bit of research on the Victorian decor and also that of the Edwardian and decided that the 'new' house would be fun to do in period style. The furniture in this house was made from kits. In the dining room alone, all three major kit manufacturers - House of Miniatures, Chrysnbon and Real Live Miniatures - were used. The dining room rug was one that was painted using colored pens. I was very pleased with how that rug turned out although the one in the Master Bedroom was not as well done. I also should mention that the dishes in the dining room were hand painted by me, all 54 pieces, and I did not use a pattern. All of the design was done free hand. Would that I could do as well now!!

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