Saturday, March 21, 2009


I will be adding five more pictures of roomboxes which are special to me. The first is a box made of fabric and foamcore; made especially to showcase the bookcase desk which was made for me by a friend from Phoeniz, AZ. She was a good friend, but sadly, she has passed away. The roombox reminds me of her each time I see it. Then there is a Colonial kitchen (which resides on a shelf in my kitchen) and reminds me of how much I have always loved Colonial Williamsburg. Then comes the only half-inch project that I have done, although I am contemplating a new one. The roombox is my version of a street in Paris. Having lived in France for two years, this little roombox brings a smile to my face whenever I pass it from its home on a living room end table. The last roombox is another one that I did for Ron's October display and it received a blue ribbon, not from the Judges, but as the People's Choice award. I used a Hallmark ornament for Pinocchio and Gepetto and then made the roombox to look like what I would have imagined Gepetto's shop to be. In the window is Figaro (was that the cat's name?) hovering over the fish bowl and Jiminy Cricket is on the workbench. It bothers me to think of how many years have gone by since I last shopped at Ron''s time for a change!!

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