Saturday, February 21, 2009


Some years ago I found a post on the Internet which seemed very interesting to me. A group called the Miniature Industries Association of America began a program in which they hoped to find people to contribute dollhouses to Ronald McDonald houses. The hope was that every Ronald McDonald house would have a dollhouse for the enjoyment of the ill children and their families. I assume that most people reading this are aware that McDonalds has a program of establishing a home in any large city, and near a hospital facility, where any child with a serious illness can be treated and the families are housed in one of the McDonald facilities. I thought it was a wonderful idea and decided that I wanted to build a dollhouse which when finished would be donated to the Ronald McDonald facilty in Miami. The dollhouse kit was donated by DuraCraft and although I later learned that furniture, wallpaper and such could also be donated by other companies, I only asked for the house kit. I do not remember the name of that first DuraCraft kit that I built, but it turned out well and with a few furniture donations from friends, the house was completed and given to the Miami facility. Next are a couple pictures of that first house.

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Jamie-Lynn said...

What a beautiful gift!