Sunday, February 8, 2009


Most of the furniture in my first dollhouse came from kits as many were being produced at that time. The wallpaper in this house is also of a much earlier time period and most probably no longer exists. The Light fixtures are different and old, made by a company whose name, if I remember correctly, was Illinois Hobbycraft. Their fixtures were old fashioned, but said to last for years if one tested the bulbs before installing the fixtures. I never had one burn out so I guess the company told the truth.

I also should point out that the Wizard of OZ figures are made of Fimo. I found them on a trip to Carmel, CA. Wendy Brokaw was their maker and she did magnificent work.

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Mary said...

I love this room! The wee dolls houses, the wee Wizard of Oz dolls, the teddies..even the bedding, wallpaper and decor choices are perfectly charming. Great Job!