Saturday, February 21, 2009


I so enjoyed building that first dollhouse for Ronald McDonald that I decided to do another one. I had seen a DuraCraft house picture that I loved so I called DuraCraft and asked if The McDonald program was limited to one particular kit. I was told that I could have any kit I liked so I asked for the Manchester and received it soon after my call to request that particular kit. I wanted to donate that house to the Ronald McDonald facility in Charlottesville, VA in memory of my mother-in-law who had lived her 90 1/2 years on a farm just 16 miles from that city. She was a much loved woman who spent most of her life working in school cafeterias in the area. The food that those children got to enjoy would make most of us envious. Who has ever heard of a school lunchroom where homemade bread is served every day? As a result of her involvement with the school children, she also knew who had had a house fire, who was in need of clothes for the children and she spread the word so she was far more than the lady who ran the cafeteria. In any event, I built the Manchester and my husband Tom and I drove to Charlottesville where we presented the house. It was well received, as I would hope all of the donated houses would have been. The July 2000 issue of Miniature Collector had a nice article about the MIAA program with pictures of a number of the houses which had been donated. I never did hear how many houses were donated. In fact, I never heard anything else about the program, but hope that many houses were donated. Now for pictures of that second dollhouse.

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Very nice small houses;)