Saturday, February 14, 2009


Some years ago when my younger daughter told us that she was going to give us grandchild #3 and when I knew that the baby shower would be held in Miami, I decided that my gift to her had to be something miniature and hopefully, something practical. I talked over my ideas with husband Tom because he would be making the basic box and we decided to build a miniature nursery which would be done as much as possible in the colors and style of the real nursery. It also would have lights in the ceiling and a music box to hopefully lull the baby to sleep. Tom completed the box for me and I proceeded to decorate it. The first nursery box had a teddy bear theme and I found a mini shop owner who said she could order wallpaper for me. When the paper came in, it was not colored, that is the teddy bears were colorless and that just didn't work for me, so I hand colored every single one of those teddies. The final result worked well; so much more attractive than colorless bears on the mini wall. Tom used two night lights in the ceiling of the nursery box and they were wired to regular 110 house current. The nursery could be set on a dresser and enough light was given for Mom to feed the baby at night. I will post some pictures so that you can see just what the nurseries looked like. The project snowballed in that many relatives and friends asked to have one. In all we built 15 of them. The nurseries were all pretty much the same although some things were added. I enjoy decorative painting so some of that was added to almost all of the boxes. I made a lot of the toys, painted the tiny dollhouses and made pictures and Christening gowns. We also took measurements and drew up plans so that each new nursery would not be a new learning process. This was a fun project and I think I can say that it was much appreciated by all.

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