Sunday, February 8, 2009


In the early years of miniatures almost everyone had a General Store and I was no exception. It was the very first project that I made and kept for myself. Realife Miniatures had started to produce some kits and one of the very popular ones was the one to make the main pieces for a Country/General Store. There was always a Post Office, an A&P bin, a Coates and Clarks Spool Cabinet, a Diamond Dye cabinet and of course, lots of shelves. After the kits were put together, the mini maker then had to collect and/or make the other ingredients to complete the look of an old time general store. Here is a picture of mine.

It was about the same time that I discovered my first mini shop. I can't even begin to describe the joy that I felt when I first walked into The Dollhouse Factory in Lebanon, NJ. What wonders were to be found in that shop and I wanted one of everything. I purchased my first dollhouse kit there and then could not wait to get back to Miami so that I could put that kit together!! The company who made the kit is long out of business, but I still have that first dollhouse.

The kit was basically a farmhouse and seemed a bit plain so the next picture shows the porch a few years later when I decided to upgrade the trim. Next there is a picture of one of the bedrooms, a very basic room, but there is also a picture of that room when the house was redone/upgraded/ beautified at a later time.

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those are sooo gorgeous i love them! you are very very talented!