Sunday, December 14, 2008


The second floor hall is a long hall with seating and walls lined with ancestral portraits.

To the left of the hall is the guest bedroom and the library. In the library is a Gail Steffey leather chair, an arrangement done in a class taught by Sandra Wall Rubin, a couple of small boxes done by Therese Bahl and a painting done by Pete Boorum's mother, minaturized by Pete. There is a corner chair with miniature crewel stitching, purchased at a show. Also, on the left bookshelf are pictures of family members which include all six of my grandchildren. and on one of the chairs, a throw done by Bonne Backe of Weavings.

To finish the second floor I will add pictures of the master bedroom and bath which are to the right of the long hallway. The armoire in the master bedroom was built by Tom and decorated by Sean McCaslin. The chest at the bottom of the bed was done by James Hastrich and was a gift from my friend, Debbe Bloom.

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Ellen c said...

I love the gold color theme Nancye chose for this room, it's beautiful. Seems most dollhouses are decorated all pink so the golds and greens are a nice change.