Monday, November 17, 2008


Nearly 30 years ago I entered into a wonderful world of miniatures. For those who don't know, that means that I have a hobby in which I build miniature houses and shops in 1/12th scale. The structures are popularly known as dollhouses. Over the years I have derived great pleasure by making dollhouses and giving them to children of friends and of course to my grandchildren and we were lucky enough to have six grandchildren, four of whom were girls.

I am lucky in that my husband enjoys the same hobby...he has always been a woodworker in full size so now he just makes furniture in small size.

A month or so ago I joined an internet group sponsored by a company that builds dollhouse kits. I happen to like the houses done by Greenleaf because they are appealing architecturally. I was asked by some of the members if I had built any Greenleaf houses and if so, how many. Since I happen to have some pictures of those houses, let me start by adding a few. Then I can move on to other houses and shops.


Nancye said...

Oh Nancye! This is so great! I knew you could do nice to see all those great pictures! You are an inspiration...Warm hugs,Debbe

Nancye said...

Hi Nancye!

Well,I think we have it settled down now, and hopefully this post says "Debbe" and not "Nancye",lol!
It does my heart good to see all the wonderful pictures! They bring back such amazingingly happy memories!! Keep up the good work..Warm hugs,Debbe

Debbe said...

Hi Sweetie!

Well, hopefully third time is a charm!! I just love your blog and cannot wait to see new pictures every time you post them! Love,Deb

wenlaine said...

Nancye, you've done a super job on your blog so far. I'm very impressed. It seems all that late night work paid off. I loved looking at all your houses. The Arthur is amazing. I'll be checking back often to see any updates.

heathermourer said...


I have a bunch of high-end miniatures including Warren Dick, silver serving ware, and hand-blown glass that used to be my grandmother's but we just don't have the room for it all. Are you interested? If so, please email me: heather at heathermourer dot com. (wrote it that way to avoid spammers! just replace at with @ and dot with . of course!) Thanks so much, Heather